Report abuse you have experienced or witness

This site is a platform for reporting abuse (sexual assault, gender-based violence, discrimination in relation to sexual orientation, etc.). You will benefit from medical, psychological and judicial follow-up from our experts.

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Some facts about us

At the NGO AGIR, our interventions revolve around 3 axes

Human rights

Promotion and protection of women's and children's rights, equity-gender, fight against gender-based violence and / or HIV ...


Maternal and child health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, equitable access to STI / HIV care and treatment, prevention and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

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Socio-economic development

Literacy, vocational training, socio-professional integration, women's groups and income-generating activities.


Report an abuse

Here are the different steps to make a statement of abuse



Register with your phone number or email address.


Confirm registration

A validation email (in the case of a registration with email) or a validation code will be sent by SMS (in the case of a registration with phone number)


Report an abuse

You can then fill out a form to make a declaration of an abuse suffered by you or a third party

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Report abuse with

MOFIALA Mobile App

For centuries women have been subject to conjugal violence, both physical and psychological, to abuse of any kind

Now is the time for untying languages. Women must report this violence and receive the necessary support from the relevant authorities.

The application MOFIALA offers the opportunity to all women of different backgrounds, ethnicity and religion, the opportunity to report each abuse of which they are victims. Also, via the MOFIALA mobile application, women have psychological, moral and legal support.

What are its features?

These features provide an excellent user experience to.
all users of the Mofiala mobile app.

Instant Declaration

Unlike the first, this feature allows for a subsequent declaration of abuse.

Subsequent declaration

Unlike the first, this feature allows for a subsequent declaration of abuse.


Here the user will receive several awareness information

Monitoring Centers

On a map of the city and according to its GPS position, the user must have access to health centers or educational monitoring


Here, the user will have to modify or delete information about him


To set and customize the application to your liking

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